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PTA Board Resources

  • All Board members are expected to attend Board meetings held the first week of each month (typically Thursdays) at 5:30 pm in the school Media Center.  All Chairs are encouraged to attend all Board meetings because your presence is key to our effectiveness. Chairs of Standing Committees are expected to attend all meetings (or send a representative). Chairs of Event Committees are expected to attend at least the meeting prior to the event. Chairs may be asked to step down for consistently not attending meetings or sending a representative, or for not submitting committee reports when requested.

  • All Board members are expected to maintain a Procedural Notebook.   These are the property of the Ashford Park Elementary PTA and will be passed to your successor when your term is completed.  Please build you binder to include the following:

  • These Policies and Procedures (provided)

  • Copies of the current by-laws (provided)

  • Printing Guidelines (provided)

  • PTA Board Contact Information (provided)

  • Description of chair position and plan of work (provided)

  • Approved budget (add each update)

  • PTA Calendar (add each update)

  • Committee Plan of Work (form provided – you must complete)

  • Committee Members’ contact information

  • Meeting notes and correspondence pertaining to your committee

  • Resource information you have found to be helpful

  • Evaluations of the year and ideas for improvement

  • Please submit a written report each month via email to the board in response to the agenda e-distribution.  It is the responsibility of each Board member to be prepared to report information regarding their chair at each meeting if required.

  • It is the responsibility of each member to check their “mailbox” in the PTA Information Center (in the school foyer). Each member should also check their email daily, and respond to PTA emails within 48 hours. Please observe the following regarding email:

  • Always include “PTA” in the subject line.

  • Email may not be used for voting.

  • Do not write anything in a PTA communication that you wouldn’t want made public. Use the “C’s”: make sure your email is courteous, concise, clear, communicates the message, has a cooperative tone, and has been spell-checked.

  • Always copy both co-Presidents on committee/event communications. For mass emails to general membership, you must coordinate with the Corresponding Secretary.

  • Using the PTA heading for anything outside of PTA business is prohibited.

  • If there is new business to be addressed in a Board meeting, please bring it up to the co-Presidents prior to the Board meeting so that it can be placed on the agenda.

  • Wear a PTA nametag every time you are in the building.

  • All requests for checks or reimbursements (either to yourself or to a vendor) must be submitted to a co-President on a PTA Check Request Form, which can be found in the PTA Information Center or on line at After approval, the co-President will forward it to the Treasurer for processing in a timely manner. If you order printing, supplies, or other items, you must attach an itemized receipt to your Check Request Form.   ***Reimbursement requests must be submitted no later than 30 days after spending the requested funds. PTA will do their best to return checks within 30 days***


Ashford Park School PTA Board Policies and Procedures

Check Request Form Committee Plan of Work Form