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German Language at APS

 German Immersion Lottery 2015-2016 School Year

Open Enrollment

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The following Immersion Program Lottery dates are provided for your information and consideration:


■Open Enrollment:  TBD

■Application Deadline:  

■Application Processing:  

■Immersion Elementary Schools Lottery:

■Acceptance and Alternate Letters:  


Lottery Date:

Apply Online @


Paper Applications are available @ Ashford Park School or

- Print and complete application

- Provide Proof of Residency - a copy of your gas or water bill

- A copy of our child's Birth Certificate is required


Completed Applications (along with proof of residency and child birth certificate) can be dropped off

or mailed to:  

1. Ashford Park School- 2968 Cravenridge Dr. NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30319  Phone:(678) 676-6702

2. Administrative and Instructional Complex, 701 Mountain Industrial Boulevard, Stone Mountain, GA 30083                                    


About the Immersion Program:

Ashford Park Elementary is the home of the 1st and only German Dual Immersion program in the State of Georgia. During this initial year, the kindergarten students are receiving instruction in both English and German. The ultimate goal is to add a new grade level each year until the program is extended to all grades levels in the school.

Beginning on the first day of school, Dual Immersion Kindergarten students are immersed in the German language. This produces students who are proficient in listening, speaking, and writing in a second language. Admission to the Dual Language Immersion program is only offered in kindergarten. The Dual Language Immersion students will remain in the program through the 5th grade. Once these students complete 5th grade, they are able to smoothly transition to the nationally recognized program at Chamblee Middle School, and later to the nationally recognized program at Chamblee High School.

Frau Laura Miltner is the Dual Immersion German teacher, while Mrs. Dawn Fleming is the English partner teacher. The students receive English Language Arts instruction from Mrs. Fleming for half of the instructional day. Conversely, they receive Math, Social Studies, and Science instruction in German from Frau Miltner for the remainder of the instructional day.  

While the students are taught all of the Common Core standards, they have the added bonus of receiving their instruction in German. This ultimately provides them with the unique opportunity to become fluent and literate in a second language, while mastering the Common Core standards.


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