Carpool, it doesn’t work without you!


Carpool Volunteers


Want to start your day helping others and seeing cute smiling faces? Yes!! Then join us as a carpool volunteer.  Anyone is welcome to join us each day.  And each month there is a little competition within each grade.  


Here are all the FAQ you need.


Where can I find the carpool map?


Where can I find info about volunteering for carpool ?  

See the link above. Note, instead of the signupgenius, we will keep all info posted on our website, and reach out to each grade via room parents each month.  No need to sign up, just show up and have fun.  


Why do we need volunteers? Don’t teachers do that?

The PTA began organizing parents to assist the staff so that teachers can start off their day in their classroom, helping students get ready. There are 2-3 staff members that also open doors and assist with carpool.  But the more volunteers we have, the more the staff is able to assist inside the school.


What time do I show up?

Please arrive by 7:15am, so that you can easily park without interfering with carpool traffic flow. Carpool ends at 7:45am when the school doors close, and you will be in  your car headed home by 7:46am.


Can my child assist?

No, children are not encouraged to help their parents for this activity. There are a lot of moving cars and the safest process is for your student to proceed inside the school building.


What is the monthly competition?

The class with the most parent participation during the month wins 15 minutes of extra recess. Just show up at 7:15 am at the back doors of the school. We can never have too many volunteers!  There will be a sign-in sheet located in the teacher workroom, so be sure to sign in each morning to receive credit. Please remember any parent can volunteer any day of the week but your service only counts for the month your child's grade has been assigned.


August = 4th grade

September = 5th grade and PreK

October = 3rd grade

November = 2nd grade

December = 1st grade

January = Kindergarten

February = 4th Grade and 2nd grade

March = 5th and PreK

April = 3rd grade

May = 1st grade


Where do I park when volunteering?

The easiest place to park is on Tryon, past the carpool area.  Because carpool traffic begins around 7:20, please arrive by 7:15 so you can easily park without interfering with traffic. Note, there is no parking on Cynthia (the carpool exit), nor on Cravenridge in front of the school, or up the hill.  


Are volunteers needed for afternoon carpool?

No, that is handled by teachers and staff.  Please reference for additional info.


Additional questions?   [email protected]


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